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These Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition ("BSN") Trademark and Logo Usage Requirements ("Usage Requirements") set forth BSN's brands, trademark, logos and slogans. They apply to all BSN organizations worldwide and to BSN resellers, distributors, customers, advertising agencies, consultants, professional writers and editors, licensees and other third parties making reference to BSN trademarks. BSN reserves the right to modify these Usage Requirements as it deems necessary or appropriate, including by written agreement or license with third parties.

  1. Rules of Proper Trademark Use
    1. Use of BSN Trademarks as Adjectives, Never as Nouns
      Please follow every BSN trademark with an appropriate noun consisting of the BSN product or service that is branded with the mark. BSN trademarks are adjectives and may not be used as nouns, or alone as a shorthand way of identifying a product or service. The BSN trademark should be used as an adjective describing a product or service of BSN.

    2. No Possessives, Plurals, Verbs or Puns
      BSN works hard to build customer goodwill, and it uses its trademarks to harness that goodwill. Please use the marks as they are designed and intended. Since a trademark is not a noun, it must never be used in possessive or plural forms, and should never be used as a verb or a pun.

    3. Proper Trademark Attribution: Symbols and Legends
      Trademark ownership is attributed in two ways, with the use of a trademark symbol (™ or ®) after the following trademark, and with a trademark legend, usually found at the end of a document in legible text following the copyright notice. Remember, mere inclusion of a trademark symbol and legend does not entitle you to use a BSN trademark.
      1. Trademark Symbols:
        Assuming you are permitted to use a BSN trademark, please make sure to attribute the mark with the proper symbol. Always use the ™ symbol immediately after the trademark. Trademark symbols should be used on BSN trademarks as follows:
        1. On products, product labels, and packaging, use an appropriate symbol in each prominent use of the trademark.
        2. In every other context, use an appropriate symbol in both the first prominent use of the trademark (in headlines, banners, etc.) and in the first use in the text of the body copy.
        3. Always use the appropriate symbol incorporated into any of BSN's logos.
      2. Trademark Legends:
        The trademark legend is the legal text that identifies BSN's trademarks. The legend should be printed in legible type and in a location typically used for copyright and other legal notices. For example, the legend may be printed at the end of a document, on the back of a package, on the front cover of documentation, or on the bottom of a web page.

        Unless you have an agreement with BSN that indicates otherwise, use the BSN legend in any material referencing any BSN trademark. Please note that third party licensees will often be legally obligated by license to use a BSN trademark legend that also indicates that the BSN trademarks are used under license.

        BSN LEGEND:

        "BSN, BSN Finish First, the BSN logo [insert all other BSN trademarks, logos, product names, and slogans that are referred to or displayed in the document] are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition, Inc. in the United States and other countries."

    4. Use of BSN Logos
      1. General Rule: Do not assume you are permitted to use BSN logos.
        Except as specifically provided by license or other agreement with BSN, third parties may not use any BSN logo for any purpose. Even when accurately describing a relationship with BSN or support of BSN's technology, third parties should not use a BSN logo in the absence of an agreement.
      2. No Re-Logoing, Co-Logoing or Logo Removal
        Resellers of BSN products may never alter or modify the BSN corporate logo or BSN trademarks that are affixed to or appear on the BSN products they resell. Similarly, re-logoing (replacing a BSN trademark with the reseller's logo or mark) and co-logoing (adding the reseller's logo or mark to the BSN product) are not permitted in the absence of a written agreement with BSN.

    5. Use of BSN Trade Dress by Third Parties Prohibited
      Third parties generally are prohibited from using BSN trade dress for their own products, including any of the distinctive ornamental features of BSN products and packaging. Any such use must be approved by BSN Legal.

  2. Use of BSN Trademarks with Non-BSN Goods or Services or with unauthorized use of BSN Trademarks
    Only certain, approved uses of a BSN trademarks may be made by BSN business allies, licensees, and other third parties. In addition to the other provisions set forth in these Usage Requirements, the following rules apply to any use of a BSN trademark logo in association with a third party product or service.
    1. No Use of BSN Marks in Non-BSN Company, Product, or Service Names.
      Unless a third party enters into a written agreement with BSN, third parties generally may not use any BSN trademark, as or part of their company or product names.
    2. Do Not Adopt Any Marks or Names That Are Confusingly Similar to a BSN Trademark
      Unauthorized use of BSN trademarks or of marks that are confusingly similar to BSN trademarks may constitute an infringement of BSN's trademark rights.
    3. Do Not Attempt to Claim Rights in BSN Trademarks.
      Third parties may not state or suggest that they have, or are claiming rights, in any BSN trademark.
    4. Make the Source Clear.
      When third parties use BSN trademarks, they must do so in a manner that does not create potential confusion over the source of any products or services. Customers must not be given the impression that BSN is the source or has approved of the use of the trademarks in connection with publications, products, services, trade shows, conferences, or expos.
    5. Permitted Descriptive Use of the BSN Trademarks on Web Sites and Domain Names
      Third parties are permitted to use BSN trademarks on web sites or in domain names as long as:
      1. The content of the website meets all of these Usage Requirements;
      2. The use of the domain name is not misleading or likely to cause confusion; and
      3. The use meets the following additional standards:
        1. The principal or secondary level domain name of the third party should not be identical or virtually identical to any BSN trademark, since this is likely to cause customer confusion or imply that the web site is affiliated with or sponsored by BSN.
        2. The web site owner should not use a BSN trademark in his or her company name, product names, or service names. Thus, if the domain contains a BSN trademark, that domain should not also be a company or product name.
        3. The web site owner should not register the domain name as a trademark or service mark and should not claim any trademark or similar proprietary rights in the domain name.
        4. The web site should display a legal notice that contains the following legend

          "BSN, BSN Finish First, the BSN logo [insert all other BSN trademarks, logos, product names, and slogans that are referred to or displayed in the document] are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition, Inc. in the United States and other countries."

  3. How to reach BSN's Marketing & Brands Legal Department

    Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition, Inc.
    Legal Department
    5901 Broken Sound Parkway, 6th Floor
    Boca Raton, FL 33487

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