• Amanda Latona | March 17, 2014
  • Whats up everyone?! Well, its blog time here from Vegas baby and this is my post show Arnold blog.

    I just got back from vacation in Singapore and for those of you who follow me on instagram @Amandalatona and twitter @Amandalatona you know that, and well those that dont, come on over and follow me and check out my Singapore Sling pics ;)

    Next blog I will tell you all about my amazing trip but for now, back to the Arnold.


      I gotta say that I am still recovering from, ...well everything. Usually after just working the booth at The Arnold, I need like a week to recover. This time competing, shooting and then coming home with 1 day in between before leaving for my 25 hour trip to Singapore, I am definitely still recovering. I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. So, I gotta say, the weekend at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival was probably hands down one of my favorite weekends. I've been competing for awhile now, but theres so many things that go into the entire weekend. Like maybe you look great but your travel was off. Or your tanner was inconvenient to get to, or you didnt sleep well, or it rained,etc.. I mean like so much to think about. With this show, I was never more relaxed. More confident, or more ready. So physique wise, I was on and felt a great combo of being lean but not too lean, full but not too full, athletic but sexy and maintaining curves while being tight. So , that to me was my best. My tanner was done, the day of the show(this like never happens) and if you compete, you only know that sleeping in the tanner, is one of the worst, well to me at least, worst experiences ever. I always say, once your there, everything is great...except.....sleeping in the tanner. I was sooo happy to be tanned that day of, so that goes a check mark for sleeping the entire weekend was good to. My hair and makeup lady Nancy had only me, so I even got to sleep in and not be rushed. The Hilton treated us so amazingly great and had a special, salt free, oil free menu to order from. My food sponsors Fuel UP, even sent all of my meals DIRECTLY to my hotel and I didnt even have to travel with food!!! They can do the same for you, for all of the info contact them at 

      So, everything went with a "holy ease". Thats the term me and my mom have been using since 2003 and my first show ;) So, the pre-judging was at 2pm another awesome way to get extra sleep and not be rushed and I was number 3. They always pick randomly at The Arnold as opposed to going alphabetical by last name so I'm usually in the middle. To me, I was happy with being in the beginning. I felt, less time to get nervous and overthink anything right?

     I had practiced different posing, I knew exactly what I was going to do, and once I watched back the replays on, I couldnt of been happier with what I brought to the stage. I gotta say, I'm glad for the replays because once I hit the stage, I get very excited and I really dont even know what I did,lol. Being a performer, we sometimes plan something, then get on stage and something else just comes out...this time, I was very very happy. It all worked. I was in the first callouts, but the pressure wasnt off just yet. I really, really wanted to hear my name called after all of the call outs are done. This is when they call out the top 3. If your not in the first callout after all of the girls have been called out. Then your out of top 3 and going for  4,5,6 spot. So all the girls had been seen. Then here they go....And Amanda Latona ...was called top 3! I was extatic! and actually I instantly said 'thank you Jesus". This was exactly what I had wanted. 

      I havent done the Bikini International since 2011, and the past 2 years, I have had injury in my low back/S.I joint and couldnt lift like I needed to and I also needed more of a break. So, I would take a 6-7 month off break after my Sacramento Show in Nov. I also found it hard to diet during the holidays due to relationships. Well, with no injuries AT ALL, thank God, and finally being single and living life the way I want to live it, Thank God again, I was really, really ready to put my time, heart and dedication to this prestigious show. Heck, I will take the commitment, passion, time, energy, focus, heart, drive and loyalty that I would give to some dude, and put it into this show, My career, and helping to motivate and inspire all over the world, thank God again.

      That being said, the last time I did the show I placed 6th. The Olympia after I placed 7th and this past Olympia 6th again. So sriously beig top 3, was to me a win. Totally.

      My next show is back in my hometown where I was born and raised. PITTSBURGH PA. May 3rd. PLEASE some out and support!!!! I have been wanting to do this show since I turned Pro so its very important to me. I will write about that in my future blogs and I will also get into some of the things that I went through this past prep. It wasnt all smiles and laughs. There were some rough times. But through Gods Grace, I overcame them. I will share some of the struggles I had personally and I KNOW competitors ask me about, so just to let you know yes you are totally normal, we all go through things, and keep that heart and rive going, and dig deep! very deep. 

      Until next time, THANK YOU to everyone that I met on Friday at the BSN BOOTH. I got flowers, books, cards and more reeses and poptarts than I know what to do with.....wait thats not true, I Know EXACTLY what to do with..Already half done with actually ;) ANd it was my absolute pleasure meeting you and hugging you( I love hugs, you guys know this)... 


      First and foremost, To God be all of the Glory. The Lord is my everything and All that I am, and All that I do.  A HUGE THANK YOU to my wonderful family and sponsors BSN, my family and managers J.M. and Debbie Manion, My coach Hany Rambod, my friends and family, my suit sponsor C.J @ CJSELITECOMPETITIONWEAR, my food sponsors Fuel up, My bag sponsors Isolator Fitness, and All of you guys for your continued support throughout the years. Words cannot describe what the people behind me mean to me and you guys as well. Thank you to Mr. Jim Manion for having a league where I can live and fulfill my dreams and help and inspire others throughout the world. To all of the judges and media, and to the other competitors for sharing the stage with me. You inspire me daily. And Mr. Jim Lorimer, for hosting this prestigious event, and treated us like royalty. 

      Every dream fulfilled is an answered prayer. Every opportunity is an opened door. Every accomplishment is Grace and every love is favor. And I am living my life Forever Grateful. I am His.

     Until Next time, 

    Amanda Latona xo

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