• Alex Perris
  • Athlete Stats
  • D.O.B.
    August 7, 1982
  • Birthplace
    New York City
  • Height
  • Weight
    203 lbs.
  • Occupation
    Personal Trainer/Nutrition Expert
  • Favorite BSN® Products
  • Upcoming Appearance
  • Athlete Bio
  • Alex’s unique fitness journey began as a youngster growing up in New York City where he attended the United Nations International School and excelled as a member of both the Varsity Baseball and Soccer teams. Arriving at the University of Tampa, Alex began training seriously, devoting most of his free time to the weight room. In 2002, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and the discipline and structure of the military took his training & nutrition to new heights. Alex began fitness training high-ranking military personnel while off duty and his passion became his career. While building his private training business with local, national and international clients, Alex began training his childhood friend and NBA star, Joakim Noah. Looking to become stronger, bigger and healthier after his rookie year, Joakim hired Alex to move to Chicago and become his personal trainer. With intense training and teamwork over the past 6 years, Alex and Joakim have experienced All-Star results. Alexalso co-created Train 2959 with fellow trainer, Joe Montgomery. Train 2959 is a fitness concept designed to help busy, working people build a training/nutrition program to match their lifestyles. Today, Alex and Joe continue to create personalized programs to help people of all walks of life achieve their fitness goals.

    Alex has also volunteered his personal training skills to children in low-income areas of Chicago to help them achieve their fitness goals and translate that to other areas of their life

     With the support of BSN, Alex believes the best has yet to come.

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